3 weeks until the New Year. Let’s finish 2018!

Before entering 2019, indulge in what is left of the energy of 2018, Year of the Earth Dog. We are at the very end of a heavy, slow and dry year that has forced us to work our base, anchor and develop resilience. The alternative was to get frustrated, to blame Heaven or to conclude (prematurely) that your efforts were in vain or had made a mistake. Some gave up in a year where will power and good ideas were not enough to score points. And that the facts seem to confirm the heaviness of a system that has a hard time reinventing itself and making sense.

We are about to  leave a set of two years (2017 & 2018) without Water (Metaphor of dynamic and nourishing flow) and without Wood (Metaphor of creative, generous and benevolent energy). These forces are now on the horizon of 2019. Until then it is advisable to take advantage of the monthly water energy from Nov, Dec & Jan to fill the tanks fill up and recover. You’ll have plenty of time to run in 2019.

For now, take advantage of every opportunity to finish re-positioning and integrate everything you have  learned in 2018. Thanks to the obstacles you experienced, you have “built muscles” and accumulated strength that will soon be  deploy-able. In the meantime, go about your day-to-day business. Finalize projects. Clean what still needs to be. Say goodbye to postures that weaken you and dare to align yourself with your strength. Listen to your doubts then show them the door.

See you in Paris on February 9, 2019 to learn more about the DNA of 2019! (Sciences-Po, 27 Rue Saint Guillaume, 7th – Details and registration genevieve.imbot-bichet@lesmaisonsduvoyage.com). These New Year’s lectures have taken place since 2001.

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