Year 2024


Chinese New Year Lecture (since 2001)

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Marie-Pierre Dillenseger has been giving since 2001 an annual lecture decrypting the energy of the coming year. *
The Lecture presents the depths of the ancestral way to partner with time and better apprehend upcoming events.  
The objective is strategic, to gain perspective, insights and coherence.
To be at the right place at the right time has not to be left to chance. 
* In the Maison de la Chine, then in Sciences Po’s premises in Paris (2001 – 2019). Online since 2021.

In 2024, to celebrate the arrival of the Wooden Dragon, a new 20-Year Period  (2024 – 2044) and 25 years of practice, 

the lecture is accessible to all, free, available in English and in French on YouTube (with Replay).

Here is the direct link to the 2024 Lecture in English (free access with Replay) 
Here is the direct link for the 2024 Lecture in French (free access with Replay)
To better understand the past 4 Years, click here (select CC for English subtitles)
To find your animal of birth, click here 
If you read French, click the article for additional information “Trouver sa posture et chevaucher le Dragon de 2024”  
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Wishing you a wonderful Year of the Wooden Dragon