I can’t tell you, Marie-Pierre, how much happiness you have brought me. It’s amazing to be working here in my beautiful new office.


Considering the return, sessions with Marie-Pierre are the cheapest investment I have ever made.


I will be starting my new job on December 1st. This is a major corporation. I want you to know that this would not have occurred if not for our interaction this summer.


Our meeting was very transformative. All makes sense and gives me much to think about.


I wanted to say a sincere thank you for everything you shared with my husband and I. It opened a new beginning for us.... Thank you for your help and guidance.

L & R

I cannot believe how open the space feels and the increased focus the sign commands! I am sending along some pics. I have given myself a lot of space behind the desk and equally so for a visitor in front of the desk. It is quite a heaven to sit there.


You have given me faith in my path.

Sonia G.

You see people like a scanner. You could even work in an airport!


Thank you for all - your care, concern, and great insight.

L. G.

Working with you for the last few years has been an absolute delight! Every time I have follow what you said I have become happier and much more successful in life to the point that I have decided to make a career change. Thank you for what you do, keep it up!


After seeing you, I realized that I only want a unique, small house to live in. Thank you for being you and for your work. I am glad to know you.

Suzanne P.

Thanks for this hour of your time, your words, your insights, your support.

Francoise D.

And how lucky I am to be turned around (by you!). Quite honestly, I am now so inspired... I am actually looking forward to this struggle.You have the unique assimilation of uncanny insight, combined with strongly honed skills (of your profession).

Mary A.

I wanted you to be the first to know that the mare is pregnant. After three years! Without you, I would have given up.


I was so happy to talk to you! Always you leave me inspired and ready to GO! Thanks for giving me perspective.

Danielle V.

I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion today and I cannot express how much I appreciate the effort on your part. I learned a lot and perhaps I can be less critical of myself in terms of not being able to make some key decisions. You have given me inspiration to get focused on my plan!

Karen R.

Thanks you for helping me see what I did not and could not see.

Anne-Marie C.

What you have said sounds right, it is as simple as that.


I forgot to tell you that I am now executive President. This happened two days after we talked. I dared to say yes thanks to you.


Your words act like an arrow one receives in the heart. Thank for the clarity you bring


Everything you said makes sense. As if I should have been able to see and say it myself. But I COULD NOT.


I just wanted to let you know that we found the land in February. I remembered what you told me. Thank you for giving me hope and for your honesty.


Thank you so much for these thoughts. It's a relief to put off planning for a move.