2018, a Constructive Year, Really?

New Year is fast approaching, but there are still five weeks left before the arrival of the Chinese New Year. Bringing 2018 to its full close is an essential condition to fully make room for the temporal forces of 2019, Year of the Earth Pig. The Pig is nothing but a metaphor associated with the two Chinese elements of Water and Wood. If we know the energetic equivalences hidden behind the elements, we can only rejoice as the forces of growth and renewal (Wood) as well as those of movement and communication (Water) return after a difficult period of time of scarce water energy (2 years without the water element and 3 years without the wood element). This “water” is already present at the level of monthly energies since November 2018. For the moment, it should be used first to recover and then to fill the empty tanks.

But before running too fast, let’s breathe and clarify the message of 2018. During the Chinese New Year lectures in February, I introduced 2018 as a constructive year, laying down the foundations for new ways of doing things, recognizing the ones who are skilled, connected and carriers of the  values ​​of the heart. I emphasized the importance of individual courage to resist the obsolete – and still active – forces that refuse to put the human factor and the survival of the planet at the center of geopolitical and local equations. I spoke about the essential role of collective forces in shaking things up and addressing political forces.

Can we say that 2018 has been a constructive year? Have we gone from a vicious circle to a virtuous circle in our economic, social and daily practices? If we hear “a constructive year” as “a year capable of doing things for us, in our place and without major resistance to the paradigm shift that is coming”, the answer is no, of course not! The year can not transform anything alone, without our own efforts. 2018  has been an ally for those who already assume a responsible and constructive posture and are set in motion even though progress is still limited. Do not conclude negatively too quickly that a difficult year is not a constructive year.

2018 is a year that calls out the competent, the connected, the enlightened and the caring to take their responsibilities. What have you done at the local, regional, national level to support change in this transformative year? If the answer is little but your awareness of the issues has made a leap forward in 2018, then you are already serving the renewal that seeks to establish itself. And there are five weeks left to start moving and pose at least a virtuous act in a society that is waiting for a critical mass to rebound favorably. Change at least one little thing every day until the Chinese New Year (February 5, 2019) and enjoy those few minutes of daily light gained since the winter solstice.

If 2018 has plummeted you, discouraged and slowed you down, tell yourself that the awareness of what you have understood is worth it. It is not possible to address the powerful energy currents of the next three years without having done the deep work of cleansing, mourning and humility imposed by 2018.

© Marie-Pierre Dillenseger, Dec 2018

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