Consultations are strategic in essence, constructive, and of immediate impact

Plan for one (1) session, not a series of sessions. Consultations do not substitute for therapy.

Sessions do not describe the future (as we are creating it) but provide the tools to build it. They highlight choices, decisions and actions that feed personal energy while flagging invisible loyalties and recurring self-limiting habits.


1. The identification of personal talents, inner strengths and challenges
2. The clarification of a road map to balance and deployment
3. The understanding of timing - and setting - that best match goals and purpose.


Anyone in transition, in a decision process, in the middle of turbulence, experiencing unexpected road blocks or engaged in personal development (therapy, coaching, skill assessment, ancestry clarification, etc.).

Awareness of Eastern disciplines (Qigong, Taichi, Yoga, acupuncture, reflexology, martial arts, etc.) and/or the pratice of healthy activities (mindfullness, meditation, exercice, food choice, etc.) are definitely a plus to fully benefit from the session's insights.

Payment & Fees (as of November 1st, 2020)

Unlike therapy and more traditional coaching, most situations require only one (1) session, with occasional Follow up sessions down the road, sometimes years later. Fees are $325 (Regular Session) or $490 (Urgent Session, within 5 days). Fees includes preparation time. Space audits require a minimum budget of 4 hours (Prep. time, 1h30 Session & Follow up time).

Click here for Online payment. Select Regular session, Urgent call or Seminar. Payment is due at time of booking, i.e. when an appointment time is set. Early payment, i.e. at time of appointment request, gives you priority (Session within 2 to 4 months).


Consultations last 1 hour or 90 minutes (You make the selection with your payment). One session is usually enough to clarify the challenges. Questions related to the session and sent by email will be answered on a reasonnable basis. For Fertility/Timing Session, you may decide on a Follow up call within 6 months to a year. For Space audit, plan for a 4 hours budget.

Sessions are now all done remotely by phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime, etc. If calling from outside of the USA, keep in mind the time difference. Calls start at 8 am US EST (afternoon in Europe, evening in Asia). Consultations are conducted in English or French.

Waiting period

As many sessions are scheduled from one call to the next, a year in advance, there is little room for new requests at this time. Waiting time varies from 2 to 4 months for existing clients (request is done via email) to 18 months for a first appointment.

Urgent calls are answered within 5 days at an additional cost. This delay starts from the time of payment.


Online scheduling is suspended when Schedule is full for more than six months. You can still use the Contact Form to provide all necessary information. Note that you will only be contacted back when a time opens up. If you are an existing client, send me an email to set up your next session.  

How to prepare for a consultation?

Give yourself time before and after the session. Make sure you will not be interrupted. Write down your questions in advance. Have what is necessary to take notes. You can record the session but make sure to test the equipment in advance.

Full birth date, with hour and place of birth, is required ahead of the consultation. Provide your contact information as well.

Checking the Podcast or YouTube links can be a plus before a call.

Follow up

Follow up questions, after the session, are answered via email at no additional charge as long as they are related to the session itself. For a new topic, it is best to schedule a Follow up session. For example, if the session addressed timing for infertility treatment, later questions about professional strategy would call for a new session.

Space Audit

Space audit requires a minimal time budget of 4 hours. No space audit is performed without a prior Personal time reading assesment as some difficulties are related to Timing more than Space issues. Please provide all necessary information using the Contact Form ahead of the initial request. More info can be sent by email at a later time as long as all is received at least two weeks before the schedule session.