January 2022 – Let the Tiger sleep

We are still in the Chinese Year of the Metal Ox until February 1st, 2022. It so happens that the month of January, this Year, is also the month of the Metal Ox. Year and Month have the exact same energy. It is a piling up of slow and laborious forces, requiring constant adjustment to remain rooted, effective and patient. You are most likely NOT the problem. Timing is heavy and tough. There is no visibility. It is normal at this time.


Do not conclude too fast that renewal is not possible nor at hand. The Water Tiger arrives in a little more than a week. 

Until then continue the work (on yourself and around you) undertaken this past two years and let the Tiger sleep a little longer. He will remember and thank you for this. Patience, patience.

© 2022 Marie-Pierre Dillenseger.

[For the decrypting of the Chinese New Year 2022 and the corresponding strategy, Rendez-vous on January 29th, 2022 via Zoom and with BloomingYou]

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