The energy of September 2020 (Wood Rooster)

Because we are better off when we have visibility, I continue to share monthly insights about the Timing energy. This blog post is the full transcript of my September You Tube video. In Chinese astrology, each month, each year, each day carry energy, a specific force, that aligns itself or ..Continue Reading

April 2020 – Inner focus and celestial connections

In April, the month of the Dragon, the timing is finally collaborating with us in our efforts to slow down the extremely overpowering energy of the year. This month contains earth energy,  an anchoring and transformative force  in the service of individual and collective realignment. The metaphor is that of ..Continue Reading

Confined. Do we change everything?

Confined: do we take the opportunity to change everything? Before changing everything, let’s accept that “everything has already changed”. Let’s not necessarily add more change. Let’s accept the situation and keep in mind that it is a temporary measure. Then let’s do one thing every day that we couldn’t do ..Continue Reading

The invisible is what we have not yet seen

“If you are facing the right direction, you just need to walk.” Zen proverb Here we are, facing the invisible. It took the shape of a virus. Today, going into the right direction, is to stay put and to self center. Only the strict application of survival rules (= confinement ..Continue Reading

A knee on the ground (Mid March 2020)

2020 is a year of major transformation, carried by a powerful current, still at the beginning of its development. The Chinese year is only six weeks old. This impetuous river is neither favorable nor unfavorable. It transmits, diffuses, propagates the energies it encounters: a virus, an idea, a know-how, tips ..Continue Reading

March 2020

Please take very seriously the official instructions aiming at limiting travel and social gatherings at this time (March). In a year like 2020, where forces of dissemination (i.e. contagion) are very powerful, introducing some “yin” energy, that is to say, calming the game, is vital. For those who know the ..Continue Reading

January 2020 : Validate your road map (1/5 – 2/4)

January, month of the Fire Ox, has arrived, just in time to stabilize, if still possible, a turbulent context from one end of the planet to the other.  Although the energy of the month carries stability and pragmatism, it cannot alone calm down and reassure over-heated spirits. Those who see ..Continue Reading

November 2019 – Pig Month in a Pig Year …

Every year, there is one month that has the same Chinese animal as the year. We are currently in such a situation: November is the month of the Wooden Pig in the year of the Earth Pig. This is not a redundancy but an advice strongly conveyed by the Universe. ..Continue Reading

Sept 2019: Be firm, clear and concise

In a year like 2019 that enables the emergence of new “know-how” and promotes innovative ways to look at and solve political, economic and societal issues, it paid off until now to let things grow, to let opportunities mature and to refrain from taking patience for inertia. But when a ..Continue Reading

August 2019 Begin to move … slowly

The difficulty in a year like this is to gather the patience to let things happen and let opportunities grow while resisting the temptation to give up because things are too slow. 2019 favors those who have clarified their base and continue to do so, again and again, whatever the ..Continue Reading