June 2020 – The month of the clash.

Click here to get ready for June 2020, the month of the Water Horse. (7′ – CC for subtitles)

End of confinement (Mai 10)

Coherence, Alignment & Presence: How to best make use of the timing energy at this very specific moment in time? Get ready in 6 minutes. Watch Video (6′)

April 2020 – Inner focus and celestial connections

In April, the month of the Dragon, the timing is finally collaborating with us in our efforts to slow down the extremely overpowering energy of the year. This month contains earth energy,  an anchoring and transformative force  in the service of individual and collective realignment. The metaphor is that of ..Continue Reading

Get ready for 2020 and the Metal Rat

Pointers for 2020 published in FemininBio.com

December 2019 – Hold the handrail (until 5/1/2020)

Hold the handrail and keep your eyes open! December is always the month of the Rat. This year (2019), it is the month of the Fire Rat. The energy is powerful (below the surface) and bright (in appearance). You could be dragged into an action you are not yet ready for, ..Continue Reading

Tenir compte des ancêtres

Lorsque nous abordons les questions transgénérationnelles, nous faisons impli- citement référence aux aïeux, c’est-à-dire aux personnes nous ayant précédés dans notre famille de sang. Les ancêtres sont plus facilement ignorés ou « évacués » en Occident qu’en Asie où le culte des anciens demeure encore bien vivant. Avoir un « hôtel des ancêtres ..Continue Reading

Oct 2019 – Take your place

In a year like 2019, that has little Earth, a month like October that contains it, is important: we can root, anchor, build on and collect. Oct 2019 is the month of the Wooden Dog (= Earth, Metal and Fire). Wood is on the surface: it is time to pick ..Continue Reading

Follow the signs

People often ask me how to notice signs sent by the universe and how to read them. Personally I wake up every morning wondering what animal will show up in my day. An animal is less abstract than a sign and the idea makes me happy. Sometimes I think about ..Continue Reading

Making History: Restoring a 19th century home

Interview of Marie-Pierre Dillenseger and her husband by Debbie Forman following the massive Restoration of their 1842 house on Cape Cod, Ma. Why move from Paris, France to live in a 19th century house? The house was built by Reverend Elisha Bacon who graduated from Bowdoin College with Nathaniel Hawthorne ..Continue Reading