february 2024

fevChinese New Year 2024 LectureReplay available in English (YouTube)

7 Books & 2 Oracles

Understanding the energy of the Year, Sciences-Po Lecture Hall, 2019

Book Signing, Eyrolles bookstore, Paris

Lecture venues

  • Union des Assoc. de Qigong Traditionnel (78)
  • Université Paris X Nanterre (Journées Initiales)
  • PrepAsie, Prep. Institute for Expatriation to Asia, France
  • (Les) Temps du Corps – Paris
  • Belgium
  • Congres Douance (émotifs talentueux), 2022 & 2023
  • Institut Supérieur d’Architecture Saint-Luc de Wallonie (Tournai)
  • Union Royale Professionnelle des Architectes Diplomés des Instituts Supérieurs d’Architecture de Saint Luc (Bruxelles)
  • Union Professionnelle des Femmes Architectes de Belgique
  • Italy – Switzerland
  • Université Libre de Naturopathie Appliquée (Turin)
  • Université de Genève, Institut Confucius, 2015
  • USA:
  • GroupVisual, Cambridge
  • Boston Club (Section de Cambridge)
  • Centerville Historical Museum, MA
  • Huys Foundation, CA, 2021

Lecture topics

  • Unterstanding the true nature of Feng Shui
  • Time and space in Chinese thinking (Q&A)
  • Alignment and singularity
  • Identifying and using synchronicities
  • Technics to strengthen the self
  • Chinese time reading (bazi vs divination)
  • How to move forward after loss, sickness and a major obstacle
  • Quantum physic and chinese concept of Qi
  • Hypnosis and chinese technics of energy
  • How to become who we are?
  • The era of Aquarius
  • Transmission and genetic genealogy
  • How to strenghten your immune system?
  • The challenges of feminism
  • Birth and Renewal in one’s life
  • Understanding the Chinese years
  • Invisible allies and guides
  • How to preserve life energy?
  • Boosting Vitality
  • Vitality techniques
  •  Time is a force: how to benefit from it?
  • Stand up and move forward
  • How to read signs?
  • How to change our life?
  • What do we imply by Incarnation?
  • Oser s’accomplir
  • Autonomy in life
  • Timing et Infertility treatment
  • etc.
Understanding the energy of the Year ©G.Imbot-Bichet - IPAG Business School & Maison de la Chine, 2016