A good decision is a better one when taken at the right time at the right place

Riding Time, Taming Space, Finding one's Place

Marie-Pierre Dillenseger has researched and practiced the Chinese disciplines related to Time and Space for decades. She "reads time" the way an acupuncturist reads a pulse and unveils a world we think we know but actually do not see. Creating meaningful pathways between Eastern and Western mindsets, she turns the invisible yet potent energy of time and space into powerful resources. Sixteen true stories complete this unique and multifaceted approach, including in the treatment of infertility. Published in Paris on Oct 5, 2016 with multiple reprints since.
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Initially written in English, the book was translated into French by the author for its 2016 release. Foreign rights available with English rights held by M-P Dillenseger.

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Discover Time as a priceless Adviser and Space as a powerful Force - Enter the Chinese way to Vitality - Reconnect with personal Insights - Claim your Vital space - Gain Momentum


Synchronicity - Longevity - Space and Time Energy - Healing Arts - Spirituality - Taoism


Practitioners of Traditional Chinese and Integrative Medicine - Coaches, Therapists and Healers - Those engaged in the preservation of life force and attuned to body-mind and nature-soul connections.


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Considering the return, sessions with Marie-Pierre are the cheapest investment I have ever made.


I will be starting my new job on December 1st. This is a major corporation. I want you to know that this would not have occurred if not for our interaction this summer.


Our meeting was very transformative. All makes sense and gives me much to think about.


I cannot believe how open the space feels and the increased focus the sign commands! I am sending along some pics. I have given myself a lot of space behind the desk and equally so for a visitor in front of the desk. It is quite a heaven to sit there.


You have given me faith in my path.

Sonia G.

Thank you for all - your care, concern, and great insight.

L. G.

Thanks for this hour of your time, your words, your insights, your support.

Francoise D.

After seeing you, I realized that I only want a unique, small house to live in. Thank you for being you and for your work. I am glad to know you.

Suzanne P.

And how lucky I am to be turned around (by you!). Quite honestly, I am now so inspired... I am actually looking forward to this struggle.You have the unique assimilation of uncanny insight, combined with strongly honed skills (of your profession).

Mary A.

I was so happy to talk to you! Always you leave me inspired and ready to GO! Thanks for giving me perspective.

Danielle V.

I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion today and I cannot express how much I appreciate the effort on your part. I learned a lot about what was going on in my 1982-1992 era and perhaps I can be less critical of myself in terms of not being able to make some key decisions. You have given me inspiration to get focused on my plan!

Karen R.

Thanks you for helping me see what I did not and could not see.

Anne-Marie C.

What you have said sounds right, it is as simple as that.


Everything you said makes sense. As if I should have been able to see and say it myself. But I COULD NOT.


You see people like a scanner. You could even work in an airport!


I just wanted to let you know that we found the land in February I remembered what you told me Thank you for giving me hope and for your honesty.


Thank you so much for these thoughts It's a relief to put off planning for a move.


About Marie-Pierre Dillenseger

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Prior to founding her private practice in 1999 in Paris, Marie-Pierre Dillenseger had 19 years experience in sales and large scale project management in information technology and multimedia training. She worked for the public and private sectors, in France and in the U.S.A. (Beaubourg Public Library, Paris Library Network, Computer Library Systems, Inc, MicroMentor).

She identified Time and Space as powerful, cost-effective and yet neglected key factors to performance and individual growth. She dedicated herself early on to the study, evaluation, and practice of all aspects of Chinese personal and business assessments techniques while deepening her understanding of Jungian synchronicity and the field of psycho genealogy. She has taught classical Chinese Feng Shui and Bazi in France and Italy, establishing FSRC France in 1999 and continues to supervise practitioners.

Her expertise combines strong analytical and analogical skills, understanding of business strategy and unyielding dedication to individual growth and time-saving strategies.

A strong focus since 2009 has been the timing aspect of fertility treatment, subject of a 2013 French TV documentary. She gives regular lectures around the Chinese New Year to map the DNA of the coming year.

Marie-Pierre Dillenseger holds a Master Degree in Library Science (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Bibliothèques, 1984), a Graduate Degree (DEA) in French Literature on the work of Julien Gracq (Lyon II, 1984) and a Library Science Certificate from Simmons College (Boston, 1993). She co-authored a book on National Libraries worldwide in 1994. She received the title of Master by Chinese Master Joseph Yu in 2002. 

She has been an appointed member of Cambridge Half Crown/Marsh Neighborhood Conservation District  since October 2013 and a Correspondent to Leroy Merlin Source work group on Habitat, Environment and Health since 2008.


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