The great secret of Chinese Arts serving vitality is the practice of simple daily effective routines. Spirit and body end up harmonizing in order to invite durable transformations. We have the ability to not only gain vitality but also recover from hardship. The day we accept this, our path opens up, our strengths mobilize and time becomes an ally.


My passion is the practice and transmission of the reasonable and potent part of Ancient ways, long confined to oblivion, erudition or superstition. As time has passed, my wish to reach the non specialists, beyond the circle of practitioners, has affirmed itself. I propose a multifaceted and original support, accessible to all. A lot of these resources have been in French for a long time but efforts are currently being made to make them available in English : 


  1. Each of my Books presents a distinct and complementary entry point to the matter of Vital Energy. Open them randomly and dive in! Examples, rituals and practices were chosen for their ability to move lines forward. Explore the bibliographies. Follow the tracks, Get back to any page. Let it infuse.
  2. Free Youtube videos give insights on timing energy. These are very useful to adjust posture and course of action. Check for English subtitles.
  3. Podcasts add incentives, examples and ways to implement. These are accessible for free on my website. Podcasts in English are flagged. .
  4. Social Media Posts – Facebook, Instagram and Linkedln – serve as relays for ongoing transmission.
  5. All Articles I write are meant as additional resources to the reader. Look for insights and keys.
  6. Interviews are published online whenever the magazines allow it.
  7. Three short books were published in 2023 to facilitate jump starts into change: Lire les signes (21 mars), S’ancrer pour se déployer (21 juin) et Du recul à l’avancée (nov 2023). Help yourselves. Translation is in process.
  8. Two Oracle-cases L’Alignement and l’Incarnation with booklet and cards aim at short circuiting inertia patterns and mental breaks. These are especially useful when doubts, questions or obstacles appear.
  9. The Chinese New Year Lecture, held in February every year since 2001, provides a precious road map for 12 months. In 2024, it will be made available to all for free via YouTube (posted online on Feb. 11th at 12pm East Coast Time). It will then remain available. 

Courses and Seminars: 

Having introduced the teaching of Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology in France in 1999 and taught professional French speaking practitioners for 12 years (in-depth and original curriculum), providing access to Master Yu’s advanced seminars in Paris, I remain available for the supervision of practitioners and the teaching of specialized courses (Flying Stars, Bazi, etc). These seminars are not listed on my website (Online, minimum 10 people). Contact me directly for a class.