November 2019 – Pig Month in a Pig Year …

Every year, there is one month that has the same Chinese animal as the year. We are currently in such a situation: November is the month of the Wooden Pig in the year of the Earth Pig. This is not a redundancy but an advice strongly conveyed by the Universe. ..Continue Reading

Oct 2019 – Take your place

In a year like 2019, that has little Earth, a month like October that contains it, is important: we can root, anchor, build on and collect. Oct 2019 is the month of the Wooden Dog (= Earth, Metal and Fire). Wood is on the surface: it is time to pick ..Continue Reading

Follow the signs

People often ask me how to notice signs sent by the universe and how to read them. Personally I wake up every morning wondering what animal will show up in my day. An animal is less abstract than a sign and the idea makes me happy. Sometimes I think about ..Continue Reading

Sept 2019: Be firm, clear and concise

In a year like 2019 that enables the emergence of new “know-how” and promotes innovative ways to look at and solve political, economic and societal issues, it paid off until now to let things grow, to let opportunities mature and to refrain from taking patience for inertia. But when a ..Continue Reading

August 2019 Begin to move … slowly

The difficulty in a year like this is to gather the patience to let things happen and let opportunities grow while resisting the temptation to give up because things are too slow. 2019 favors those who have clarified their base and continue to do so, again and again, whatever the ..Continue Reading

June 2019 – Adjust the Pace

In a Chinese year that reintroduces movement (2019), it is no longer necessary to row, push and pull to move forward. When the current returns or the wind picks up, it’s time to relax a bit, to ease the grip and to welcome the renewal of forces. Going fast, fidgeting ..Continue Reading

Feeling sluggish? Do not blame yourself

2019 brought back Wood and Water energies after a set of years depriving us of benevolent, flowing and nourishing currents. We saw the worsening of tensions, the hardening of positions, believes and postures across the board. As presented in the Chinese New Year Lectures, the possibility for renewed communication between ..Continue Reading

Just a few days before 2019, Earth Pig Year

In the last days of the Year of the Earth Dog, measure how far you have come in spite of the obstacles, lack of clarity and apparent signs of a crumbling world. Ditch the doubts. Take care of daily tasks. Simplify your life. Empty drawers and make room for renewal, ..Continue Reading

3 weeks until the New Year. Let’s finish 2018!

Before entering 2019, indulge in what is left of the energy of 2018, Year of the Earth Dog. We are at the very end of a heavy, slow and dry year that has forced us to work our base, anchor and develop resilience. The alternative was to get frustrated, to ..Continue Reading

2018, a Constructive Year, Really?

New Year is fast approaching, but there are still five weeks left before the arrival of the Chinese New Year. Bringing 2018 to its full close is an essential condition to fully make room for the temporal forces of 2019, Year of the Earth Pig. The Pig is nothing but ..Continue Reading