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May 2022 New Book The Feu interieur
Interview by Lilou Mace
2020 Paris Lecture (Ecole Occidentale de Méditation)

May 2022 (Dialogues, Fabrice Midal)
12/2019 Life is Here and Now (French)
TV 78 Emission "VYP", Oct. 2019
Time & Space in Chinese Culture
Free will and Determinism - 2012
BloomingYou, 1/10/2017, (Itw Amal Hayatoun)

Vitality if key
"La Voie du Feng Shui" in 3'29"

InterEditions, Oct 2016

INREES TV, March 30 2016Purifier sa maison: Sur les Chemins de la santé No 2 (Interview by N. Calestreme)

TV – MCS Bien-être, Oct 19, 21 & 23, 2015, Bien dans sa tête: Je n’arrive pas à tomber enceinte (Can get pregnant) (Interview by F. Courtadon & S. Hefez) The interview focuses on conditions favorable to fertility with questions to both M-P Dillenseger and Doctor D. Delafontaine, the surgeon she has been working on timing and fertility since 2009.

Inrees (Paris), October 2013 Agir au bon moment, au bon endroit (Right time, right place) (Interview A. Allix) Watch

M6 TV (France), August 21 & Sept. 14, 2013, May 2014 – RTBF2 & RTBF1 TV (Belgium), July 27, 2013. Enquêtes Extraordinaires (Season 2): The energies going through our houses. 60 minutes investigative reporting by S.Allix & N. Calestreme, showcasing Marie-Pierre Dillenseger’s work in New-York City (live space audit) and Paris (timing/fertility aspect) with client interviews and feedback. Buy DVD, June 2013, Web-documentary by Marie Laget with interview on Time & Space in China. Plongée au coeur de la Chine (In the heart of China). Video available below.

FR3 TV, Feb, 12, 2002, A Feng Shui Visit (Interview L. Delalex)

M6 / Fun TV, April 1999 Feng Shui? (Interview N. Beuglet)