Follow the signs

People often ask me how to notice signs sent by the universe and how to read them. Personally I wake up every morning wondering what animal will show up in my day. An animal is less abstract than a sign and the idea makes me happy. Sometimes I think about a plant (I live in a city). So today in a crazy week, I find myself having to run to the post office.

On the way back, I see a grasshopper in the middle of the sidewalk. It has the same color as the pavement. I look around and think it might get crushed because one can hardly it and there is a lot of foot traffic. I come close and it jumps. It is still too close to the path. I continue. It jumps again and I follow until I end up on the third step of a monastery that I love. I come closer. She does not move anymore and cleans its mandibles.

I forget what was so urgent and enter the chapel. There I am gifted by the magnificent sound of the organ. The organist is playing alone.  I sit. After 10 minutes, the music turns modern and I enjoy an unexpected concert just by myself. Magical. That was just a coincidence, right?


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