Oct 2019 – Take your place

In a year like 2019, that has little Earth, a month like October that contains it, is important: we can root, anchor, build on and collect. Oct 2019 is the month of the Wooden Dog (= Earth, Metal and Fire). Wood is on the surface: it is time to pick what is ripe. The focus has to be on what is ready or accomplished. Let’s not obsess about what is not as new ideas may still meet some obstacles. Earth energy is good to anchor but it can also ostruct and slow down. In that case, pause and concentrate on the present. Work at strengthening the foundations and the posture.

This is a time to watch what you eat and not pollute your body. You are already preparing the spring revival. Feed your soul, body, mind and heart accordingly. If you are in a real estate project, take advantage of October to make decisions, assert  your conditions and negotiate with realism what must be. October ends on November 7th.

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