Sept 2019: Be firm, clear and concise

In a year like 2019 that enables the emergence of new “know-how” and promotes innovative ways to look at and solve political, economic and societal issues, it paid off until now to let things grow, to let opportunities mature and to refrain from taking patience for inertia. But when a month like September (Water Rooster, starting on Sept. 7th) arrives and re-introduces the Chinese Metal element  in full force, the advice is to be active and not just re-active.

So set up frames, limits and verbalize your expectations. Be firm, clear and precise. Take a stand and mark the territory, especially when your vital energy (life force) is at stake. This is not about starting battles, settling scores or even verbalizing criticisms but rather about identifying and clearly laying down the conditions that best allow you to perform. Do not spend another month hesitating or delaying decisions.

Meanwhile, do not forget the benevolent advice given by the year (Earth Pig Year): show understanding and compassion while taking action and getting closer to your (real) allies.

Put yourself in motion. Act. Clarify. And smile.

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