August 2019 Begin to move … slowly

The difficulty in a year like this is to gather the patience to let things happen and let opportunities grow while resisting the temptation to give up because things are too slow. 2019 favors those who have clarified their base and continue to do so, again and again, whatever the technique or method (constellations, therapy, EMDR, osteopathy, …). If this personal work is in process, the ability to identify an opportunity, a contact, a choice in line with who you are will be more immediate / easy. If nothing moves, the seeds are not yet ripe, as frustrating as it may seem. No need to question oneself or disregard early progress. It is just too soon and information, ideas, contacts need to mature more.

In August, the ability to see clearly is strengthened as well as the ability to say, simply, what your expectations and needs are. Align yourself with who you are, listen and then kindly dare to say what you have to say. Like seeds in the wind, your words will find their soil even if you cannot yet see it. 

Image: Detail of the Annonciation, Del Cossa, 1472.

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