November 2019 – Pig Month in a Pig Year …

Every year, there is one month that has the same Chinese animal as the year. We are currently in such a situation: November is the month of the Wooden Pig in the year of the Earth Pig.

This is not a redundancy but an advice strongly conveyed by the Universe. Repeated for a whole month (November 7 – December 7), there is a strong possibility that we hear it, “print it” and put the message of 2019 into practice. It is about letting go of the old quarrels, of the old fears and of the old speeches in favor of a durable renewal.

What are you doing every day to achieve this? What could you trash, recycle and forgive in the next four weeks? What actions could you take to set the conditions for your own rebirth? Say what needs to be said or say it differently. Do not waste energy explaining more than needed. Just say it.

Spring is getting ready today. Just look at the buds already formed, ready to go through winter in an apparent immobility, to understand that you are also preparing for a new phase. Align yourself with the energy of the year, you will gain momentum. Apply the strategy of small steps and do not get distracted by moods. They would hinder the progress that is coming your way. And if you find the time difficult, know that every day that contains Metal in a month that has none is like a back up sword. Know how to use it.

The moment is not for hesitation. 

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