Nov 2020: Disconnect, Stay on course

This is the time to keep a cool head and preserve energy. Continue on your tracks. Plan your days to avoid (useless) agitation.

Vidéo 10′ to navigate the last three months of 2020 (Nov-January). Have not had the time to create the subtitles this month but here are the highlights

  1. next two months do not provide solid (earth) energy which makes it difficult to stand, gather one strengths and feel empowered.
  2. You can either go with the flow (and float) or fake it while continuing to aim for your own goal and safety
  3. Fire energy (light and shadows as well) is present but only on the surface. This creates the appearance of reality and  truth but it may just be some mirages or fake news. Do not engage too soon in judgment nor conclusions
  4. those who have developed a deep sense of self will surf better  on the continuous news waves, fake or real. Continue.
  5. retrograde forces will harden (carried by outdated thinking and beliefs) as they resist openness and scrutiny. Choose your battle and avoid engagement
  6. November carries the renewal energy of the spring (look outside at the emerging buds on shrubs).  Connect with nature to remain confident.
  7. Spring will come. But its quality is been prepared and protected NOW
  8. See you in a month!
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