January 2021: the transition

January is the last month of the Chinese Year. In January 2021, the animal of the month is the same as the animal of the coming year: the Ox. This feature eases the transition into the New Year, even though turbulences are still in full swing. 2020, a ferocious and chaotic Year, held on to its promises by attacking our habits, our comfort zones and our insolent trust in a secure world. We come out of 2020 weakened, somewhat lost and fully aware of the challenges at stake.

Returning to pre-2020 conditions is impossible. What is next will need to be co-created, in our personal lives and in our professional and social lives. 2021 carries the energy and the conditions to regroup effectively, stabilize and re-built (differently) as long as we all engage and accept to move forward.

But are we ready to welcome them? Have we changed enough to participate in that effort? Only you have the answer. You  have a month to shape up.

Let’s meet again at my Yearly Lecture for the Chinese New Year 2021 (Metal Ox). For the first time in 20 years, the event will be help online on Saturday, February 6 2021 at 10 am Paris time. A Replay with English sub-titles will be available shorty after the event for those enrolled. Register online below or on my website Services/Events.

Register for the 2021 New Year Lecture

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