The energy of September 2020 (Wood Rooster)

Because we are better off when we have visibility, I continue to share monthly insights about the Timing energy. This blog post is the full transcript of my September You Tube video.

In Chinese astrology, each month, each year, each day carry energy, a specific force, that aligns itself or contradict what we are trying to achieve. These characteristics are hidden behind metaphors (animals and elements). My role is to give the keys.

As individuals, we have to choice to ignore the effects of timing because – these forces are invisible and we are not used to the reading. I completely understand and respect it. We can also decide to discover and integrate this timing energy to adjust our posture.

September 2020, from Sept. 7th till October 7th, is the month of the Wood Rooster in a year that remains powerful, disturbing and untamable. 2020, the Year of the Metal Rat, can be compared to a flood, ultimately assisting a deep transformation at a social, economic and personal level. Without the disruption of our habits and without the initial fears we have encountered, durable change would not take hold. This is in process even though we have no idea how complete and successful it will be.

September will assist you differently depending on your path and actions up to date. What follows does not imply that life is already written but simply at describing the type of wind coming our way.

You could be at a standstill, walking or already running in your life.

If things are slow and doubts clouds your day, September prompts you to clarify, sort things out and eliminate what is not essential, useful and outdated. It is too early for  definite decisions. Start by little steps and repeat them every day. Resist radical and destructive impulse

Those who have been following these timing advice for a while by now, you are now ahead of the curve: act on your decision, move forward with the wind in your sails. Most important: do not step back. It is ok not to move forward as long as you do not go backward.

If you have been running, calm your horses. Your action needs to be more precise than fast.

Now, it is important to know that although 2020 has been destructive, the goal is renewal. It is therefore crucial that your actions remain constructive in their intend. Otherwise you will loose the support of the year.

In any situation, professional or personal, be firm, just and kind. Avoid binary position. Do not fall for fights between good and bad. Be constructive. Be a mediator.

The month will favor those in alignment with their body and soul, with action and intention.   

Last, Wood energy is present this month even though it is weak compared to the Metal energy hidden in the Rooster. This indicates that the end does not justify the means. The month calls for competence coupled with the respect of life and human values.

I wish you a very good month of September. See you in a month!    

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