Dec. 2018: The Gates are now open (Wood Rat Month)

If you are wondering where the  world is heading at this time (Chinese month of December 2018), here is an extract from my talk given in Paris at the beginning of 2018:

“2018 is a year that requires the laying down of new foundations and the elaboration of  new way to work together as individuals, companies and even countries. The money does not disappear … But any person, any organization, any business that will continue to consider that decisions must be made only by and for the numbers, still believes that profit can only be derived by additional pressure on people and land will found themselves in difficulty. Any situation that does not sufficiently take into account the human factor will be at a disadvantage. We are coming to the end of a  cycle that has valued ​​the material side more than the human side of life: the year lays the corner stone of a cycle that will ultimately put people and meaning at the center of the equation.
– This Fire element, hidden in the texture of the year, is the metaphor of the responsibility we have to connect to our heart and to the values ​​of the heart: the ability to see others and to care, to make sure that the other has his place, that he counts. Making room for the other means to reconnect with the capacity to love, to dare to be carried by values ​​of love more than by material ones.
– What I’m asking here is to place renewal and humanity at the base of our thinking and act accordingly. Earth energy is the aggregate of the 4 other elements in Chinese thinking, i.e it is the metaphor of  collective energy. The year raises the question of collective force and genuine interest, of what comes when “the base” has a voice.

Each of you carry nuggets of gold! This is a time when the top of the pyramid, the institutions can not be renewed without the golden dust you carry.”

Now that the energy of “water” and movement has come back in force, there is no alternative. The locks are open. Let’s count on the collective wisdom and courage of a few enlightened people to move forward.

Full transcript of the lecture available in French by clicking here

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