Energy of Nov 2018 – Water Pig Month – Do not run yet!

We have just gone through two long and strenuous “dry years” in 2017 & 2018. With little Water energy (metaphor of movement, communication and flowing Qi) and with scarce “Wood energy” (metaphor of renewal, compassion, hope, etc) since 2016, tension among racial lines and bipartisanship have strengthened.

Without Water energy, projects tend to slow down, regular lines of communication dry out and life energy is weakened. The energy of these years were a backdrop for attacks on the press and the “fake news” claims, diplomatic tensions and a general strain both on free speech and migrations across the globe. I have seen many people deeply tested in their soul this year, close to despair and ready to give up. Some have given up. Yet most of us have now a better sense of clarity no matter how painful what we have come to see is and no matter how hopeless the future may seem. The good news is that problems are now clearly under our eyes from the #meToo movement to damages to the environment to a never ending series of scandals coming up to light.

Without clarity, there would be no real hope of fixing what needs to be fixed locally and globally.

The past three years have tested our resilience, our willingness to participate in more destruction of the environment and our ability to find a meaningful way to move forward. I had underlined at the beginning of the year the need for courage: courage to resist, courage to stand up and courage to speak up.

Now it is good to know that the last three months of this Chinese Year of 2018 (Nov, Dec & January) do carry Water energy. In November both the wood and the water elements come back.

So one can now rejoice! But refrain from getting too excited too soon. Do not get your boat to the river bend yet. First take the time to get “hydrated” and replenish your own water tanks! Imagine real water landing on a dry land: it will be washed away and will hardly penetrate the soil.  This is where we are at right now. Continue to attend to your routine and plan for next year. Currently the water is best used to cleanse and clean what needs to be, like flakes on dry skin. Because the month contains wood (seeds form) and water, think about what needs to be planted. If you have started to align yourself with upcoming renewed energy, continue one step at a time.

Let the water run as there is still rust in the pipes, pay attention to the signs and continue sorting things out until you are absolutely ready to sail. More water is on its way.

©MP Dillenseger – Nov 2018.

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