January, month of the Fire Ox, has arrived, just in time to stabilize, if still possible, a turbulent context from one end of the planet to the other.  Although the energy of the month carries stability and pragmatism, it cannot alone calm down and reassure over-heated spirits. Those who see clearly and have the courage to call for constructive forces have now the responsibility to step forward to prevent overall  discouragement and cynicism.

In 2019, new practices, innovative solutions have appeared and new ideas have emerged while the sharing of information has continued to accelerate. The synergy of all good will, the audacity of kindness and the capacity to trust one another are becoming essential to get around obstacles, water the new “seeds” and move social, political and economical lines. Look for and spread good news, share progress no mater how small it appears, align yourself with those who push transformations, projects and virtuous acts forward.

Avoid fueling the spirit of failure. Do not spread helplessness. What you cannot do today, do it to-morrow. Going back is not a big deal if you remember to move forward a few days later. This month, strengthen all what can be in friendship and in business. 2020 is a Year that will try to “unleash horses”. You have until the end of the month to confirm your road map.


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