April 2020 – Inner focus and celestial connections

In April, the month of the Dragon, the timing is finally collaborating with us in our efforts to slow down the extremely overpowering energy of the year. This month contains earth energy,  an anchoring and transformative force  in the service of individual and collective realignment. The metaphor is that of a fertile, irrigated land (earth, wood and water) available for new crops. It is still necessary to give it time. So let us resist agitation and continue to comply with confinement rules.

The Dragon, the only animal in the Chinese Zodiac that does not exist, hints at another dimension, not eccentric nor imaginary, but associated with what we have not yet seen. This could be what is already visible (a cure?) and which we do not see, or what is more subtle or spiritual in nature. The moment calls for self anchoring 1) to take inventory of what we no longer want to live as well as what we want to put in place when we come out of confinement and 2) to open the messages sent to us.

The time for decisions will come in May. The time for battles and settling of scores in the fall. For the moment, let us center ourselves and listen to our own voice. Let’s take it seriously. Let’s not be derailed by two many questions and critics. Let’s continue to give time and space to those who are fighting the fight.

© Marie-Pierre Dillenseger, author (Oser s’accomplir, Mamaeditions, 2019)

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