A knee on the ground (Mid March 2020)

2020 is a year of major transformation, carried by a powerful current, still at the beginning of its development. The Chinese year is only six weeks old. This impetuous river is neither favorable nor unfavorable. It transmits, diffuses, propagates the energies it encounters: a virus, an idea, a know-how, tips for survival. It is vital to understand that

1) this is not the end of the world and that this period will end 2) we are the ones writing the rest of the story. It is not written in advance. 3) the timing forces, as fast and furious as they are right now, are also capable of carrying the solutions, the remedies, the necessary changes.

This is a fight. Yes we have a knee on the ground. Without a doubt. Yes there is a temptation to panic. Indulge in panic if you must but limit to about 5 minutes twice a day, then straighten up.

To make it very simple, the effective response is to set up a colossal “yin force” (i.e. staying at home, not traveling, limiting outings, etc.) in the face of the danger fueled by unleashed “yang forces” (propagation, contagion, acceleration of cases, severe cases, etc.). In plain English, stay home, minimize going out, take one day at a time, do not panic. Your restraint will limit contagion and ultimately will ease the load of those on the front line.

April is a month that contains “earth” (metaphor of solid yin energy) but its effect will be null if we do not apply the instructions to slow things down NOW. The time needed until the contagion curve flattens depends on each of us, acting together, all of us. 

(Yin is the metaphor of stable, solid energy – Yang is the metaphor of dynamic, moving energy)

©Marie-Pierre Dillenseger, March 2020

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