Nov 2017 – No time to dream yet

Chinese Month of Nov 2017 – Metal Pig

We finally made it to the 3 months (Nov-Dec-Jan) that re-introduce the Chinese Element Water, mostly absent in this year. Flow, movement and communication can re-emerge in a system yearly otherwise favoring sharp focus on priorities to the detriment of compassion, hope and change. Comprehensive and negotiated postures become possible again.

If you took advantage of 2017 to clarify what need to be and have not been slowed down by useless questions, now is the time to move forward, cautiously at first. But over the first 15 days try to do yourself some good as most of us have to recover from the stress of the Year.

The Wood element also reappears (only in Nov) feeding a possible undercurrent of renewal. Stay realistic though. Stay in tune with reality. Still not a time to dream.

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