How to surf the energy of Dec. 2017?

December 2017 – Month of the Water Rat (Rat = water of maximal force)

The Energy of the Month is like a powerful river, capable of overflowing, overpowering obstacles and doing a huge cleaning on its way. This wave follows a relentless wave of painful clarification in 2017 (impossible to be blind to problems and to avoid responsibilities, priorities and objectives…). December cleans what still needs to be before Earth energy returns in 2018. (Warning: the situation remains uncomfortable, unstable and highly volatile not just at the geo-political level).

In my Oct post, I indicated that “as the year advances, the questions of justice and injustice are getting central – October favors thoughtful, courageous and acts … especially if they have a global and collective purpose. You are not alone. ”

The reporter Ronan Farrow that month set things on fire with a relentless list of sexual misconducts brought to the light. This is far from over. Excess are possible and restraint is needed.

My advice:continue to cling to the branches while pruning what still need to be! Concentrate on what is important. Drop the rest. Draw lines and boundaries. Prepare to set up new ways to operate to be ready when earth energy returns in 2018.

Good Luck!

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