From Winter Solstice to Chinese New Year (1/25/2020)

Since December 21st, the energy pendulum is swinging back toward growth. In the heart of winter, yang energy reasserts itself. Within a month, we will notice the longer days. For now, these few seconds, then few minutes per day, may seem insignificant, almost non existent. However, aligning oneself with the invisible – yet real – growth of light allows for upcoming renewal. This posture makes it possible to benefit from an active force much greater than ourselves and already at play. Like this force, do simple, small, but repeated acts every day. They will soon add up and create a useful momentum towards 2020 goals.

Align your cards, organize, clean and make room for new energy, get outside as often as possible. Then let things come with confidence and patience. The awareness of the new cycle (6 months) will allow you to take full advantage of the Chinese New Year (January 25, 2020).


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