Just a few more days before 2019, the Year of the Earth Pig

In the last days of the Year of the Earth Dog, measure how far you have come in spite of the obstacles, lack of clarity and apparent signs of a crumbling world. Ditch the doubts. Take care of daily tasks. Simplify your life. Empty drawers and make room for renewal, ..Continue Reading

Three weeks until 2019, year of the Earth Pig. Let’s finish 2018!

Before entering 2019, indulge in what is left of the energy of 2018, Year of the Earth Dog. We are at the very end of a heavy, slow and dry year that has forced us to work our base, anchor and develop resilience. The alternative was to get frustrated, to ..Continue Reading

2018, a Constructive Year, Really?

New Year is fast approaching, but there are still five weeks left before the arrival of the Chinese New Year. Bringing 2018 to its full close is an essential condition to fully make room for the temporal forces of 2019, Year of the Earth Pig. The Pig is nothing but ..Continue Reading

December 2018 – The Gates are open (Wooden Rat Month)

If you are wondering where the  world is heading at this time (Chinese month of December 2018), here is an extract from my talk given in Paris at the beginning of 2018: “2018 is a year that requires the laying down of new foundations and the elaboration of  new way ..Continue Reading

Energy of Nov 2018 – Water Pig Month – Do not run yet!

We have just gone through two long and strenuous “dry years” in 2017 & 2018. With little Water energy (metaphor of movement, communication and flowing Qi) and with scarce “Wood energy” (metaphor of renewal, compassion, hope, etc) since 2016, tension among racial lines and bipartisanship have strengthened. Without Water energy, ..Continue Reading

2 more days before August!

Two more days before the Chinese month of August (“metal monkey”) settles and finally brings back some of the WATER energy (metaphor for communication, flowing energy, movement etc.) in an otherwise static and “extra dry” sequence of two years (2017 and 2018). Continue hydrating nevertheless (literally and metaphorically) and reach ..Continue Reading