How to surf the energy of December 2017?

December 2017 – Month of the Water Rat (Rat = water of maximal force) The Energy of the Month is like a powerful river, capable of overflowing, overpowering obstacles and doing a huge cleaning on its way. This wave follows a relentless wave of painful clarification in 2017 (impossible to ..Continue Reading

Nov 2017 – No time to dream yet

Chinese Month of Nov 2017 – Metal Pig We finally made it to the 3 months (Nov-Dec-Jan) that re-introduce the Chinese Element Water, mostly absent in this year. Flow, movement and communication can re-emerge in a system yearly otherwise favoring sharp focus on priorities to the detriment of compassion, hope ..Continue Reading

Sept 2017 – Feeling unsettled?

Rooster Month (Sept) – Rooster Year (2017) (these are metaphores of course) I am getting quite a few messages from people who feel unsettled or somewhat lost while they are indeed making headways or simply holding ground. Currently the month and the year of the Rooster bring very very strong ..Continue Reading