Oct. 2018: Time is Energy (Water Dog Month, Earth Dog Year)

To those who find that things are really slow, know that the month adds “another layer of earth”. Yes this means not a lot of movement but this allows for deeper and durable roots for any idea, project, concept, new way, desire for change, freedom, sincerity, meaning, etc you are elaborating (literally and figuratively). Continue to let things mature thoroughly. Concentrate on what is essential and act when and where possible only. Forget impossible mission for now. The water is showing itself a bit as “surface water” only (light rain or small runoff). It remains superficial and does not feed real movement. In a culture or work environment that does not make room for anything subtle spiritual,meaning, intuition, invisible), the risk of frustration is great. My advice is to resist headaches, frustration, despair and hasty conclusion. Instead, cultivate the connections that you probably already have with your Guides. Remember that the “Dog” contains some Fire energy, well and deeply hidden. That fire is no other than the little flame of humanity that we all have. Let’s make room for it this month. Listen to it. Protect it. Continue to center yourself.

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