Feeling sluggish? Do not blame yourself

2019 brought back Wood and Water energies after a set of years depriving us of benevolent, flowing and nourishing currents. We saw the worsening of tensions, the hardening of positions, believes and postures across the board. As presented in the Chinese New Year Lectures, the possibility for renewed communication between people and nations, advance of ideas and trust-based relationships has timidly come back. But we are still at the very outset of a three years sequence, meaning we should not rejoice not lower the guards too soon. Before feeding movement and action, the Water energy had to first wash away the previous roadblocks, including our own remaining attachments to  memories and pain. The month of May this year has provided a buffer and a pause between “cleansing time” and upcoming opportunities to move forward.

So do not blame yourself if you are not entirely out of the cave and openly rejoicing. Measure your strengths. Select your companions. Watch your steps. Get ready. You still have a few days to soothe yourself.

Note : May 2019 is a Earth Snake month in a Earth Pig Year and finishes on June 5th

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