December 2019 – Hold the handrail (until 5/1/2020)

Hold the handrail and keep your eyes open!

December is always the month of the Rat. This year (2019), it is the month of the Fire Rat. The energy is powerful (below the surface) and bright (in appearance).

You could be dragged into an action you are not yet ready for, a dynamic not yet aligned with your goal set or a conclusion way too hasty. As the Metal element, which is a great metaphor for discernment, precision and professionalism, remains the great absentee of the year, the risk of committing too quickly or not mastering the situation is important. The moment is for new beginning not ad hoc improvisation. One should focus instead on the careful and daily management of projects already well advanced in their preparation phase, already launched or simply mature.

If you are already overwhelmed (overflowed), do not try to resist or to retro-pedal. Follow the flow and wait for the next lull to find land. In other words, if you have committed to a project, an invitation or a decision that you now regret, do not question everything. Bear with it. Save your strength, hunker down and wait for another month – like January – that will cool things off.

For now, hold the hand rail, stay focused and keep your eyes on the objective. December ends on January 5th.

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