From Winter Solstice to Chinese New Year (1/25/2020)

Since December 21st, the energy pendulum is swinging back toward growth. In the heart of winter, yang energy reasserts itself. Within a month, we will notice the longer days. For now, these few seconds, then few minutes per day, may seem insignificant, almost non existent. However, aligning oneself with the ..Continue Reading

Each decision impacts your vitality. Do not forfeit it.

Every decision we make, every step we take, every goal we set strengthens or weakens our Vitality. How can we gain awareness and build healthy habits? Interview in Monaco Madame (by Laurence Genevet), Winter 2019 (pp. 40-42)

December 2019 – Hold the handrail (until 5/1/2020)

Hold the handrail and keep your eyes open! December is always the month of the Rat. This year (2019), it is the month of the Fire Rat. The energy is powerful (below the surface) and bright (in appearance). You could be dragged into an action you are not yet ready for, ..Continue Reading

Tenir compte des ancêtres

Lorsque nous abordons les questions transgénérationnelles, nous faisons impli- citement référence aux aïeux, c’est-à-dire aux personnes nous ayant précédés dans notre famille de sang. Les ancêtres sont plus facilement ignorés ou « évacués » en Occident qu’en Asie où le culte des anciens demeure encore bien vivant. Avoir un « hôtel des ancêtres ..Continue Reading