You can pay for an existing session, scheduled at a time of a previous appointment (Option 1), or book and pay for a new session (Option 2)

1) You already have an appointment and wish to proceed with payment (no later than 48h before the call)

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2) You do not have an appointment and wish to book one, please follow the 5 steps below. In most cases, one session is all what is needed (individual and yearly session). For Timing & Fertility consultation, please plan for two sessions and for Space audit, plan for up to four sessions. Sessions last one full hour.

Proposed time slots are in local time. Please make sure you provide birth date as well as hour and location of birth when booking the session.

You will receive an email confirming date/time of session and payment (and so will I). If a cancellation takes place 48 hrs before a session, you will be reimbursed. If a cancellation happens less than 48 hrs, a new date will be proposed.

If no time is available, the planning is full for the next 4 months.


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