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Western world sees time as linear, infinite and anonymous. Chinese tradition views time as a cyclical force, carrying complex energy patterns, continuously interacting with us. One culture heavily bases space value on economical, esthetical and functional factors. The other also considers the very unique energy of a space, as defined by its orientation and building date.

Understanding the energy at play on a specific day (court day, moving or contract signing day for example) or in a given space (office, board room, family room), dramatically increases individual balance and the odds for effective strikes.

Three distinct consultations are possible:

  • Timing Strategy This consultation provides insights on best timing and date selection when action or decision is required. Common questions include timing to buy or sell, launching dates, unexpected roadblocks and lack of visibility on times ahead. more...
  • Personal Analysis This session focuses on the personal road map to talents and inner strengths. The goal is to identify the optimal settings and decisions (professional, environmental, rational and emotional postures) for the person or the team involved. more...
  • Space Audit This analysis focuses on coherence between space (office, home, commercial space), people and activity, providing options, perspectives and recommendations. Solutions are always possible. An effective match provides better results at a lower cost to individual and human resources. more...

For a Personal Analysis and Timing consultation, the birth date of the key player(s) involved is necessary. Sessions last 1h (focused question) or 1h30 (global reading). Follow-up or yearly consultations are available but it is not necessary to plan for sequel sessions up front, the answers provided in the initial reading having a long lasting effect.

For a Space Audit, floor plans, construction year and orientation are needed. With the visual tools now provided by internet, some level of analysis has become possible without a site visit. Project time varies from 1/2 day to 1 day 1/2. Follow up time is recommended.The Personal Analysis always precedes the Space audit, providing immediate insight and steps to proceed.

To better understand the principles and tools guiding these sessions, please refer to the Media section (Interviews).