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Prior to founding her private practice in Paris in 1999, Marie-Pierre Dillenseger had 19 years experience in sales and large scale project management in information technology and multimedia training. She worked for the public and private sectors, in France and in the U.S.A. (Beaubourg Public Library, Paris Library Network, Computer Library Systems, Inc, MicroMentor).

She identified Time and Space as powerful, cost-effective, but neglected, key factors to performance and dedicated herself early on to the study, evaluation, and practice of all aspects of Chinese personal and business assessments techniques while deepening her understanding of Jungian synchronicity and the field of psycho genealogy. She taught classical Chinese Feng Shui and Bazi and supervised practitioners in France and Italy, for more than 10 years, establishing FSRC FRANCE in 1999 (more).

Her expertise combines strong analytical and analogical skills, understanding of business strategy and unyielding dedication to individual growth and time-saving strategies.

A strong focus since 2009 has been the timing aspect of fertility treatment, subject of a 2013 French TV documentary. She gives regular talks around the Chinese New Year to adjust perspectives and postures to take full advantage of timing energy.

Marie-Pierre Dillenseger holds a Master Degree in Library Science (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Bibliothèques, 1984), a Graduate Degree (DEA) in French Literature on the work of Julien Gracq (Lyon II, 1984) and a Library Science Certificate from Simmons College (Boston, 1993). She co-authored in 1994 “Les Nouvelles Alexandries” a book on National Libraries worldwide. She received the title of Master by Chinese Master Joseph Yu in 2002. See Media section for numerous publications, video, TV and radio links.

She is an appointed member of the Half Crown/Marsh Neighborhood Conservation District Commission in Cambridge, MA since October 2013, a Correspondant to Leroy Merlin Source work group on Habitat, Environment and Health since 2008 and a member of the Boston Club.


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