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Personal Analysis or Timing Assessment sessions are easily done by phone, Skype or Facetime. In person appointments take place in Cambridge, MA.

Consultations are conducted in English or French. If calling from outside of the USA, keep in mind the time difference. Calls start at 8 am US EST (afternoon in Europe, evening in Asia).

Space audit, a secondary step to a personal consultation, requires a site visit, although internet tools, videos and pictures can now provide essential information for effective analysis. The building date (to the best of your knowledge) and accurate floor plans are needed ahead of time. Conclusion and recommendations are given at the time of visit or skype consultation.

Please use email as a preferred mode of communication, before and after appointments, as concentration is a much needed skill to prepare for, conduct and follow up a session.

Initial session takes 90 minutes. The initial consultation fee is $225 for an Individual/Personal, $250 for a Couple and $300 for a Professional/Business.  Follow up session takes 60 minutes ($150 for Individual - $200 for 2 People or Business). Please note that for each consultation there is an equal amount of time needed for preparation work. This time is not charged additionally to you.

Allow six to eight weeks for an appointment. Please note that sessions preceding or following the Chinese New Year (Dec - March) are often set a year in advance. Scheduling is currently done for July/September timeframe.

Payment is done online ahead of the scheduled appointment (no later than 24h).

To set up an appointment, please indicate your contact information below and,

  • for a personal/timing session : date, place and hour of birth
  • for a space audit : square footage, building date, address and floor plan
  • the name of the person who referred you