Marie-Pierre Dillenseger designed and taught a comprehensive 26-day professional training curriculum on Chinese global and analogical thinking, introducing Flying stars and Bazi in France as early as 1999. She has often taught in collaboration with practitioners of Chinese Arts: Naturopathy (Rudy Lanza, Turino, Italy), Reflexology (David Tran, Paris), Yi Jing (Cyrille Javary, Paris), Qi Gong (Michel Jacquard), Trad. Chinese Healing Arts (S.F.E.R.E. College, Aix) and Geomancy, Dowsing and Electro-magnetic specialists (Thierry Gautier, JF Dubois). She pays close attention to current environmental and health issues (light, acoustic, EMF and soil pollution).

Seminars address all aspects of Space and Time in Chinese Classical Thinking. Focus is on interpretation, individual positioning and the links with Healing Arts. Students are expected to know how to calculate a person or a house's chart. Seminars have taken place in France, Italy and Switzerland.

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Marie-Pierre Dillenseger was one of the early students of Master Yu (FSRC, Toronto, 1997). She introduced, organized and translated his Paris seminars from 2001 to 2006 covering such topics as the Water Methods, Xuan Kong Feng Shui (Flying stars), Business Feng Shui, Date selection, Bazi (based on solar calendar), Zi Wei Dou Shu (based on lunar calendar), Plum Blossom Divination and Yi Jing (Wen Wan Gua method).

She created FSRC Francein 2001, providing access to FSRC certification (8 days program) for French speaking students. Since returning to the USA in 2010, she has gradually distanced herself from the management of the FSRC network while remaining available for the supervision of practitioners.