We are most effective when centered on our own unique path, aware of our inner skills and positioned to see and seize opportunities. This knowledge can be gained by experience or, pro-actively, by recognizing the unique energy map we are made of. A common misconception is that the path is set and that the analysis will simply "read it". Destiny is not written. Destiny is the result of our best attempts to use the tool kit i.e. skills, talents, natural interests and learning abilities we are born with.

The consultation maximizes personal energy, highlights unfinished business and creates a road map to:

  • Establish priorities
  • Determine when to act
  • Know when to pause
  • Distinguish obstacles from fears
  • Spot and address questions at stake
  • Gain perspective
  • Boost personal energy
  • Ease doubts and regrets
  • Clarify responsibilities
  • Compensate for shortcomings
  • Increase resilience
  • Save time

Sessions are pragmatic, straightforward and of immediate impact. They create awareness and prompt a shift from reactive to pro-active positions, in time of transition, when making choices or clarifying objectives. Sessions provide unique insights for individuals in therapy / coaching and better understanding of underlying dynamics for team members. Consultations last 1 h. Follow up sessions can be shorter (45').

To read more about the consultation process, click here: "A Personal Reading".

The Personal Analysis always precedes the Space Audit. To « meet » a space matching your needs, a correlation between the energy of the space, the personal energy and the timing is needed. No space could be held responsible for difficulties or failures even though it "participates" in the outcome of any enterprise. Clarity on both your own energy map and that of the space you work or live in is necessary to accurately assess chances for success.

Keep moving on your path since it only exists through your walk   Saint-Augustin (354-430)