2001 - 2019


Understanding the Energy of Space & Time

Yearly Lecture Series


Feb 7, 2019Paris, 16th

"Timing in the Treatment of Infertility" with Doctor Didier Delafontaine

Feb 9, 2019Paris, 6th

"Getting ready for the Energy of 2019"

Sciences-Po Lecture Hall (Morning & afternoon) 



To schedule a talk or a book signing, please contact mpdillenseger@gmail.com

"Understanding 2019",  Paris (Sciences-Po Lecture Hall)

"Understanding 2018"  Maison de la Chine, Paris (Sciences-Po Lecture Hall)

©G. Imbot-Bichet       IPAG Business School/Maison de la Chine - Feb 2016 - Year of the Fire Monkey (Fire and Monkey are only metaphors)

Previous events

Marie-Pierre Dillenseger appears regularly in radio and TV programs. Lectures are scheduled a year in advance.

  • National Superior School of Architecture of La Villette, Paris
  • Professionnal Union of Belgium Female Architects, Bruxelles
  • Royal Professionnal Union of Alumni Architects of Saint Luc
    Institutes of Architecture, Belgium
  • Saint-Jean de Beauregard (Feng Shui and Gardens)
  • Superior Institute of Architecture of Saint-Luc of Wallonie, Tournai
  • Italian Free University of Applied Naturopathy, Turin
  • University of Geneva, Confucius Institute, 2015, Switzerland
  • University of Paris X (Journées Initiales), Nanterre
  • Maison de la Chine, Paris, yearly since 2001
  • Les Temps du Corps (Chinese Traditional center), Paris
  • French Confederation of Traditional Chinese Medecine, Aix en Provence, 2017
  • Djohi Center (Yi Jing), Paris
  • European Institute of Qigong
  • Franco-Chinese Institute of Reflexology (David Tran), Paris
  • Traditional Qigong Associations, Versailles
  • Bouygues Telecom – Human Ressources Division
  • Centerville Historical Museum, MA, USA
  • Boston Club (Cambridge Chapter), USA
  • GroupVisual, Cambridge, USA
  • Club Méditerranée, Paris
  • Institute of Research on Extraordinary Experiences (INREES), Paris
  • LeroyMerlin Source, Consultant since 2008
  • Natural History Museum (Year of China) – Alsace
  • PrepAsie, Prep. Institute for Expatriation to Asia