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Seminars address the topic of Space and Time in Chinese Classical Thinking and focus on the Art of individual positioning (taking full advantage of the right moment and the right place). Practitioner courses, both in 4-Pillars and Flying Stars, focus on interpretation. Students must know how to calculate a person or a house's chart.

Format is flexible according to number of participants and time allocation. Tailored courses are available on demand (10 students minimum - 50 maximum). Courses are conducted in English or French.

Upcoming Seminars - Practitioners only

Feng Shui Interpretation (Flying Stars)

March 3-4-5, 2017 Lausanne, Switzerland

Bazi Interpretation (Chinese Astrology)

March 10-11-12, 2017 Lausanne, Switzerland

Information and enrolment: Daniela Costa



Open to all

Space & Time - Fondamentals

The Art of Positionning (Strategy course)


Practitioner Training (1999 - 2010)