The idea that "timing is everything" is commonly accepted. Yet the possibility of actually matching an action with a moment most aligned with the intended outcome raises eyebrows. In a system of thought that considers time as linear and as an infinite addition of numbers (2014, 2015, 2016 etc..), finding the right time is indeed close to impossible. It resembles the Sisyphus myth. Timing, as a result, is often left to empty slots on an agenda, left to chance or considered to be the secret of a few naturally gifted individuals.

Asian approach has established an alternative view of time, with cyclical patterns of years, months, days and hours, pairing each time unit with a precise and specific energy description. These complex and effective technics were designed to anticipate trends, minimize untimely deployment of forces and maximize productivity.

This unique knowledge gives significant competitive advantage while increasing visibility. The consultation with Marie-Pierre Dillenseger makes time energy an integrated part of the strategic decision making process.

Individual consultations are highly focused, last 1 hour (minimum) to 1 hour and 1/2 (maximum), and do not require series of appointments over an extended period of time. For larger projects, series of appointments are necessary.

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