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Marie-Pierre Dillenseger created and led for eleven years, the Feng Shui Research Center in France (FSRC FRANCE), providing strong Professional training in both Chinese Classical Feng Shui and Astrology, with countless hands-on and supervision sessions and the indefectible support of specialized internet work groups. Her comprehensive 26-day curriculum on Chinese global and analogical thinking integrated in 2003 Master Yu's FSRC correspondance courses and FSRC 4-Day Modules, with such courses as the Water Methods, Bazi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Plum Blossom Divination and Yi Jing (Wen Wan Gua method).

Those students who achieved FSRC Certification with Marie-Pierre Dillenseger are listed below. The practitioner status does not represent an implicit authorization to teach in her name or use her teaching materials.


  • Marie Boyer
  • Maryse Bracco
  • Christine Giles
  • Denise Saugne
  • Robert Saugne


  • Francoise Bouzon
  • Alba Gentile
  • Brigitte Jegouzo-Joly
  • Beatrice Philippart
  • Francoise Lambert
  • Stephanie Lechevalier
  • Stephanie Leefers
  • Isabella Obrist
  • Francesco Rossena
  • Silvia Sacchi
  • Corinne Saillant
  • Xavier Souhi





  • Damien Bougreau
  • Martine Brown
  • Valérie Dupuy
  • Laurence Gloux
  • Marine Ho-Hoang




  • Marie Belville
  • Pascale Bioulac
  • Laure Boisseau
  • Olivia Busson
  • Emmanuelle Chatillon
  • Valérie Chéron
  • Valérie Corre
  • Caroline Degrenne
  • Valérie Delhaye
  • Jean-Luc Faveaux
  • Sandrine Hanin
  • Patricia Krieff
  • Michael Lacroix
  • Patricia-Joelle Questel
  • Valérie Rouiller-Roche
  • Catherine Thibault
  • Christine Vial
  • Daniel Ville
  • Laurence Vital Durand
  • Mario Vitale