1) You have already booked an appointment and wish to proceed with payment (no later than 48h before the call), please

Click here


2) You do not have an appointment and wish to book online, please follow the steps below. First session lasts 1h30. Follow up and yearly sessions are usually of 1h.

You will receive an email confirming time of session and payment (and so will I). If a cancellation takes place 48h before a session, you will be reimbursed. If a cancellation happens less than 48hrs, a new date will be selected. 

The minimal required time for a Space audit is 4 hrs (2 sessions of 1h30 and 1 session of 1h).

Proposed time slots are in local time. Please indicate birth date, hour and location in the "Note" field or use the Form in the Contact section of the website.